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Here is me randomly summing myself up: I have never told anyone exactly how I feel, I have never asked anyone out through the fear of rejection, I go through depression like others do, I have come close to cutting before. I never do, basically because the affect it would have on some of the people in my family and my friends. I’m pretty sure I have social anxiety. The reason I have never told anyone exactly how I feel is because if I did I would come across as weak. A lot of the time I use humour as a defence mechanism. I am not going to divulge further, going into why I lack confidence etc… Because well, I will be surprised if anyone reads this much. So… Yeah, this is me.

I basically did this for the anons I normally get. I am single because of my lack of confidence and my lack of attraction. Frankly I was tired of making up excuses as to why.

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