21. England. Movies. Paranormal. Horror. Drawing. Comics. Hearthstone Gaming. Zombies. Alcohol induced shenanigans each weekend.


I have never spent so long drinking. It’s Monday and I still feel rough

I am going spain in July. My nan offered to help me pay for it because I couldn’t afford it! Can’t wait to get pissed and show myself up in a different country.

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  1. In my spare time I tend to watch a film, draw, read a book or comic, play 360 or I come on Tumblr and attempt to talk to people :)
  2. I am 19.
  3. I am 6’1.
  4. My birthday is May 2nd.
  5. I play both Football and Basketball.
  6. Every penny I get at the minute goes towards my savings for Kapow Comic con (in London) in may and spain a couple of months after that.
  7. I *coughs* occasionally drink alcohol.
  8. The book I am reading at the minute is: Be afraid, be very afraid (A compilation of Urban Legends).
  9. The comic I am reading at the minute is: Deadpool team-ups: BFFs.
  10. I know quite a lot of my followers, every now and then I message a follower I don’t know in order to get to know them. (I love meeting new people). My skype is Superwood92 if anyone wants to chat :)

I went to the fair tonight with a few mates, it was boring so we decided to drink till it got fun. 3 hours later, I am a smashed. Had a great time though :3 

Well, I didn’t embarrass myself to much last night. (I think). Sweeeet.

Off to play football then get stupidly drunk, it’s becoming a routine.

Off to play football then get stupidly drunk, it’s becoming a routine.

Playing football and then either going into town or going camping. As always I will keep check on tumblr (As it is my life).